Informix TimeSeries

The world is becoming more and more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent in what IBM® terms a smarter planet, with more and more data being collected for analysis. Timeseries or sensor data is simply another aspect of Big Data.

The following are just a few examples of situations where time series information is being collected and could be utilized for analysis:
- Large data centers
- Utility meters
- Camera networks
- Biological sensors
- RFID tags
- mobile device tracking
- GPS sensors
- financial transactions

IBM Informix TimeSeries is optimized for the processing of time-based data and can provide the following benefits:

  • Storage savings: Storage can be optimized when you know the characteristics of your time-based data. Informix TimeSeries often uses one third of the storage space that is required by a standard relational database.
  • Query performance: Informix TimeSeries takes into consideration the type of data to optimize its organization on disk and eliminates the need for some large indexes and additional sorting. For these reasons and more, some queries can easily have an order of magnitude performance improvement compared to standard relational.
  • Simpler queries: Informix TimeSeries includes a large set of specialized functions that allow you to better express the processing that you want to execute. It even provides a toolkit so that you can add proprietary algorithms to the library.

Informix TimeSeries technology allows you collect, manage and analyze sensor and time stamped data in real-time allowing applications not previously thought possible.