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DB Lytix - DB Lytix brings to market the innovative power of in-database analytics. With in-database analytics organizations can explore and mine their data like never before by embedding its in-database analytics library (DB LytixTM) directly into their business processes, data warehouses, enterprise applications, devices and web services. Integrating analytics directly into the existing areas where data already resides produces enormous processing efficiencies and supercharges performance. There are currently over 800 algorithms in the library containing mathematical functions, statistical functions and data mining techniques.

Supported Databases -

  • Netezza
  • SQL Server
  • Par)Accel
  • aster data
  • Sybase

Here are a few examples of how customers are utilizing in-database analytics to drive results.

- Product Promotion
- Churn Analysis
- Preventative Healthcare
- Scoring
- Next Likely Purchase
- Click-Thru Rate - instant prediction