We have been selling and recommending the AGS toolset to our Informix customers for nearly 10 years. The simple, intuitive interface to manage and monitor Informix has provided tremendous value to our Informix customers. Let us help you with an evaluation copy and pricing for your environment today.

Today, your business is only as effective as your IT application infrastructure. AGS, the leading provider of integrated database management solutions, delivers state-of-the-art DBMS tools which give you the confidence to know that your IBM Informix® mission-critical database applications are available and performing at peak levels, while at the same time significantly reducing the time, effort and costs required to develop, deploy and maintain them.

AGS' Server Studio™ and Sentinel™ together provide state-of-the-art, powerful solutions that help both seasoned database professionals and novices alike manage IBM Informix® data servers environment with an unprecedented ease and improved productivity. This multi-platform suite of integrated, highly intuitive system management tools provides wide-ranging functionality to support your organization’s vital databases — from initial design, development and testing, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service.

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